Build a User-Centric World with Blockchain

Decentralized identity authentication and user activity data management Infrastructure. Build on Substrate, Ready for Polkadot.


Network & Tools

Privacy Focused

Data protection is the fundamental of Litentry network. The identity matching mechanism on Litentry supports an incognito on-chain data process without any data stored or sold.

Identity Monetization

Users get reward by staking their identity-related data with privacy protection, and could get profit by selling identity matching opportunities.

Blockchain Powered

Litentry is built on Substrate, which inherits great features and the best technologies in the Blockchain industry. Litentry aims to be the Parachain of Polkadot Network and benefit from the thriving cross-chain ecosystem and shared security.

Ecosystem Contributor

Share the identity anonymously between different platforms, a user does not need to create multiple accounts in order to use different services, and prevent these services for building user profiles. Litentry network and tools enable building DApp with no password, no registration, and no migration barriers. Litentry and decentralized ecosystems benefit each other.

Token Economics


We are building whole ecosystem tools for future identities and data.

Litentry Authenticator
Litentry DApp Playground
Litentry Runtime
Litentry Data Center
Litentry SDK
Light Client Services

Identity Staking

Identity Matching

Build a user-centric world with blockchain


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