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We are build tools for developers to create interesting DApps and Services.

Litentry Runtime

The core of Litentry Protocol, it facilitates the identities and related data tokens. it is built with Substrate and will benefit from Polkadot's share security. Runtime's off-chain worker protects the privacy of data generation and distribution process.

Currently support Javascript, with integration of Substrate and IPFS api, offer scaffold and tools for developers to build client side applications running on Web, mobile and IoT devices. More languages and decentralized data storages interfaces are in the plan.

Litentry SDK

Litentry graphql cache server

Provider decent performance of off-chain data accesses to facilitate application building and prototyping. Since decentralized storage like IPFS is still in development, we use the GraphQL server to record events happen on-chain and caching anonymous data.

Decentralized Google Play Services. It contributes to mobile architectural simplicity and enables Litentry to be completely independent of any third party server instead of connecting directly to a customized blockchain and decentralized Storage, which increases the security of the identity-to-data relationship.

Litentry Light Client Services

Build a user-centric world with blockchain


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