Know more
by asking less

The IdentityHub allows you to gain more insights into your perfect user while respecting the privacy & trust of your community.

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Attract communities that match your goals, journey & destination

Define the data footprint of your perfect user
Help them prove their digital identity privately
Tailor your service for your desired audience
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Privacy first

Respect their privacy
in your use case

Develop your data usecase with us

Audience selection for quality airdrops based on crypto experience and project contribution scores.
Cross-Platform Reputation
Transportation of reputation & status metrics across platforms from Web2 to Web3 and back. 
Credit scores
Credit scores & eligibility for under-collaterised lending and other reputation based benefits.
Soulbound NFT's
Inject pseudonymous identity data into NFT’s, dApps & other apps in a private & secure way. 
Web3 Resume
Unlock a market for talent scouting, headhunting & user research with highly experienced community members
Community Insights
Get a better understanding of your audience and reward them for sharing their pseudonymous identity data.
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The Identity Hub is the interface to the privacy-preserving Litentry Protocol.

A decentralised data bank, where data ownership meets data exchange.

Respect your user

Authorised Data Sharing

Create mutually beneficial relationships by rewarding your users for sharing detailed, anonymized data.

Guide your user

Setup Identity

Define an offer, benefit, or tutorial to guide your community to prove just the necessary data from their aggregated identity. So you get to know more, by asking less.