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Identity Scenarios
Cross-Chain Identity
Create a unified and powerful cross-chain identity to step into the future of identity management while unlocking a world of limitless possibilities. Aggregate your most valuable identity and data attributes scattered across web2 and web3 accounts, bringing them all together in one place!
Privacy Protection
Now that your data is securely aggregated, navigating the online world becomes effortless with your enhanced identity features. Unlock exciting opportunities by selectively showcasing your on-chain history, progress, participation, and engagement—all while maintaining the privacy of your personal and sensitive information. It's all about staying in control!
High APY Staking
Multiply the power of your tokens through our staking program. By staking, you unlock a world of exclusive rewards, reduced fees, and unique opportunities. Take charge of your tokens and elevate your journey to new heights.
Stake on Cumulon
The ultimate staking platform. Stake your tokens, unlock rewards. Join now!
Super High Profit
Ignite your profits with an APR over 35%, join now and unleash unprecedented earnings!
Dynamic APY Based on Score
Prepare for opportunities in supercharging your profits like never before. With our innovative score-based APR boosts, your earnings have the potential to soar to new heights.