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Litentry, a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol, aims to redefine identity in the blockchain world. We foster the development of decentralized applications (dApps) that put users privacy at the heart, letting them control their online identities like never before.
Just as your real-world identity can open doors, your decentralized identity can grant access to myriad services within the blockchain ecosystem. In this digital age, identity is an ever-evolving construct that is crucial for securing data privacyenhancing user experience

Instead, you can experience a web where your digital self is as unique, verifiable, and secure as your physical self.
Here on our Learn page, we provide you with resources, tutorials, and guides to help you navigate and understand the Litentry platform and the underlying technology. From setting up your identity wallet to interacting with dApps, we've got you covered.

Our mission?

To educate, inspire, and empower you in this new era of digital identity. So, whether you are a developer, a blockchain enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of decentralized identities, you're in the right place!

Let's explore the decentralized identity universe together with Litentry.

Welcome aboard.

D-ID Knowledge Quiz

It's time for the deepdive!

Our webinar on the power decentralized identity will send you years ahead of everyone else and teach you why a decentralised identity matters in an increasingly internet based society! We explore the power of a decentralised identity with the help of supporting visuals. We start from the absolute bare basics and work our way up to the more complex and technical stuff.

We'll answers questions such as: 

- What are the building blocks of a decentralised identity?
- What roles do blockchain, the self-sovereign-identity-framework and private keys play?
- How can you benefit from a decentralised identity in the future?

Join our knowledge quiz on Airlyft to test your skill and earn rewards!
This on-chain proof of your community contribution & eagerness to learn will also be rewarded in the future with the help of the Litentry score.

Curious? Let's go!

What the heck is...?

I know, there's a lot to wrap your head around right?

These articles help you to zoom learn a bit more about crucial components that you might still be a bit vague. Such as a Verifiable Credential, Privacy in Web3 or even Blockchain. 
These articles help you to zoom learn a bit more about crucial components that you might still be a bit vague.

Check out the Decentralised Identity Glossary next!
If there are specific words that were sounding a bit weird we've also got your back.
We've listed the most important slang from our industry in some handy cards. 

We made a podcast!

Decentralized ID - made understandable.

We recognize the complexity of digital identity, so we wanted to find yet another way to break it down into digestible pieces of information.

This limited edition podcast does a deep dive into what digital identity could look like and how the IdentityHub might help enable that future.

As we develop more episodes, we'll explore different aspects of the DID world and how the digital innovations could impact you in real life. So wherever you're tuning in, relax and learn with the Litentry team.

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