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Play Litentry DApps with IPFS ( Part 2 )

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

2. Register into Dapps with authentication QR code

Click on the identity, we will enter into the "Identity Related Tokens" list, here all the tokens owned by the identity will be shown. Let us click the "Show Identity Auth QR" button, and keep the QR code on hand,

Let's now log into Litentry DApp Playground: , Click Sign in on the top left side, scan the Auth QR code from mobile App. And let's play some DApps on the Playground App.

3. Play DApps and get tokens generated by DApp

Let's start by star some Musics in the Music Player. The UI feedback maybe have about 1 second delay because each action needs to be recorded on the blockchain and IPFS.

And twitting something in dTwitter :)

Now back to the mobile app, if you refresh the "Identity Related Token"screen, you will see there are several new tokens appears on the list, they represent each actions on the DApp, like (staring and twitting). If you tap one, you will see the "Token Details" screen. It shows the the token's Hash and generator DApps identity ID. User could click the "Show Signed Token" button to generate a QR code to proving the ownership of the token.

4. Check generated data on Litentry Data Center.

To check the details of the data generated on IPFS, let's now tap the "Show Identity IPFS Address" Button and get identity's IPFS address on Hand.

Now let's go to Litentry Data Center at

Click on the "Add Via QR" button on the top left, and then scan the QR on Litentry Authenticator. After a short while the related database will be fetched from IPFS and saved onn the data center. Without this Identity Address, other users won't know where you data stored.

If we tap the database we just added, we will see that our action historical data is listed here. So we have a private and safe identity database. With the token on the Litentry Authenticator, now there is lots of possibilities for any user to monetize their own data and the ownership to data!

* Since IPFS is still under development and in test stage, sometimee the events may be not asynced and cached on the data center, so you just go back Litentry Playground and play some times more on the DApps, which will hopefully trigger the data node to sync with the IPFS network.

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