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Play Litentry DApps with IPFS ( Part 1 )

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In this Tutorial we will walk through new features on Litentry step by step.

  1. Generate new account and new Identity with Litentry Authenticator

  2. Register into Dapps with authentication QR code

  3. Play DApps and get tokens generated by DApp

  4. Check generated data on Litentry Data Center.

1. Generate new account and new Identity with Litentry Authenticator

First download the latest Litentry Authenticator from:

Play Store

or download APK via

Firstly You need to create a new seed, you can generate a random one or recover one by the mnemonic phrases

Tap `Derive New Account` on the right bottom, and create a new account. In the next screen, let us input a path start with start with `//` or `/`, and tap "Next" to create the account. Open this account, you will find its current balance is 0. We will need transfer some test token in order to play with it.

Open Polkadot.js Apps, on the Top Left part, let's add Litentry runtime development node web socket address: wss:// .

* If you want to explore Litentry runtime, do not forget to add custom types as listed in documentation here:

In order to fund our new generated account, we need first import this account into Polkadot.js App , on the mobile App, tap the "Show Account QR Code" Button.

Now on Polkadot.js App, click the "Add via QR" button on the top right side to scan the address. Now the new generated account is import to the Polkadot.js App.

In the list there are bunch of preserved accounts with tokens (unit), select any one and click `send` button to send some token to the account we just imported.

Now back to Litentry Authenticator, you can see that the new balance has arrive! Tap "Register New Identity", and after a short while an Identity will be registered, and the gas fee will be deducted from our balance.

Let's go to Part 2 to see how a user collect his/her own data :

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