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Litentry Tech Stack

In this article, we will introduce the tech stack of Litentry with the focus on Litentry front-end App.

The front-end application has two main function:

1. It is the bridge of Substrate Network and end-user's wallet.

The private key is only stored on user's device like phone, it is used to sign an Universal Offline Signature. Which could be transferred to Web UI by QR code. Then Web UI will validate the data from the cache server of Substrate Network

2. It lists the categorized data of user on all the related parachains.

Since the parachains offers a single endpoint for fetching all the related permissions/tokens, the web UI could be a hub of the data on all the parachains. With our websocket server listens to all the parachains' authorization transactions, these data will be stored into a centralized database for quick querying. The frontend app will visualize these data for certain user or the whole network.


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