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Litentry Roadmap July - September, 2019

July 2019

Focus on the token issue and authorization part.

Runtime: Finish the runtime module without the interchain functionality. Deploy it on testnet PoC-4

Mobile-App: With existing cold wallet finished, integrate the authorization and validation part.

Web-App: Create the architect of the application, using Sketch to get POC model.

API: Improving the existing graphQL server, connect the server with testnet, writing the test for token issue and authorization part.

August 2019

Focus on data binding to the identity and token

Runtime: Add the data operation functionalities, with data linked to external storage.

Mobile-App: improve the usability, add the data part, and add the test.

Web-App: Setting up the project with React, as there is currently now MetaMask for Polkadot, we will integrate with a decentralized wallet.

API: Add caching database (rethinkDB) for the data, and token query requests.

September 2019

Focus on crosschain functionalities

Runtime: Add the crosschain protocol to runtime and enable user to define their own interchain function,

Mobile-App: Add the crosschain user interfaces.

Web-App: It is little lag than the mobile one, but it should now integrate the similar features from the mobile app.

API: Add crosschain functionalities.

Future plan:

Runtime: create a Lock Chain runtime which extends to the sampling protocol.

API: Use lambda architecture for big data query with Spark and Kafka.

Mobile-App: Released on App Store, add Rust crypto bindings, and check the compatibility on Android, release on Play Store then.

Web-App: future integrated with a Polkadot Chrome extension, if there is not, we should be able to create one.

At the same time, we should be able to find out for the real usage with some IoT devices., and promote the protocol to be used in real business.


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