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Litentry August Updates

Here is the updates of Litentry in August.

Runtime: Finish the runtime module without the interchain functionality. Deploy it on testnet PoC-4, runtime module could be deployed and tested on testnet.

Currently we created the substrate runtime module which could be fully integrated into Substrate node. It can be fully integrated with [Pokadot js](

To run it locally with our docker try


$ docker pull juniuszhou/litentry-runtime:latest

$ docker run --name litentry-runtime --network="host" -d litentry-runtime


Test: with Polkadot js App,, in settings, set the remote point to ws://

Web-App: Create the architecture of the application, using Sketch to get PoC model. Sketch document will be published, setting up the project with Yew.

The fist version design is here, and the web app could be get and runned from repo [here](

Without styling, our current develop preview is

Test: Following the ReadMe file on ( With pre-installed Rust Toolchain, it could be easily deployed locally. To taste it please visit here:

API: Improving the existing GraphQL server, connect the server with Testnet, first version API documentation will be released, endpoints can be accessed from the mobile-app, writing the test for token issue and authorization part.

In our [repo](, we have set up the local MySQL and GraphQL server, event listener to fetch all the new incoming event from the blockchain, the authorization function, but verification function is still in developing.

Test: The GraphQL server could be access from, following the instructions, it could be easily tested. We are preparing two docker:

1. API: juniuszhou/litentry-api

2. MySQL server:


sudo docker pull mysql

sudo docker run --name first-mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL\_ROOT\_PASSWORD=12345678 -d mysql


And also you need to create table by execute sql in ``

Mobile-App: With existing cold wallet finished, integrate the UI of authorization and validation part. Release version could be downloaded and test on TestFlight.

Our mobile app is highly related to the release of Parity-Signer V3 version with Substrate Support. In our repo, we have preparing the UI interface for tokens, but the authorization function with signing is still under construction, which will be address more on September.

Documentation: generate new Wiki Page for the front-end workflow:


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